What’s holding your business back from major success?

  • checkHigh overheads?
  • checkHigh cost of goods?
  • checkStale stock that wont sell?
  • checkDon't know how to increase your profit?
  • checkMoney stress?
  • checkSelf-doubt?
  • checkPoor business plan for 2016? or
  • checkNo Business plan for 2016

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Wedding Expo Tour

23rd - 28th Feb 2016


These 5 days that will accelerate your business profits.

“This is intense, business specific 5 days spent with our team developing a roadmap for your importing business and overall financial prosperity”

  Do you have wedding related business that is doing ok?

  Do you dream bigger though and imaging a business that has so much profit you can choose when to work.

  Have you always wanted to hire more stuff so you can take holidays when you want?

  Perhaps you currenly import but you've had a run a of bad batches and don't know how to ensure outline, good product delivery.

  Maybe your current business has good products but you think that you could source them cheaper from China

  All of these question will be answered and enlarged upon during our intense business healthcheck meetings.

  We will spend one-on-one time with you so specially pinpoint how to increse your importing profit.

  We can cugges new suppliers, negotiale with your existing suppliers for better rates and or give you brand new ideas for different directions for new product lines.So much is possible and we gurantee you will leave the weekend refreshed adn renewed pumped up for a successfull 2016 trading year.

Tony story of rags to riches via his importing business will blow your mind.

Since meeting cameron and deciding to work with him, Tony has gone from a basic wage earner to creating a fun and hassle free importing business that now makes him in excess of $35,000 per year and it's increasing every year.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

― Abraham Lincoln

Have you become so consumed by 'earning' a living that you've
abandoned your dreams of huges business success and you're happy to just "settle"?

Are you living a life of default, not design? Are you miserable because you're not living true to your dreams and passions?

Do you feel trapped in debt in an cycle of eat, work, sleep, repeat just to put food on the table and a roof over yur head? Have you lost your passion for your business? Does your "profit" barely cover the bills?

  You have secured a large shipment of the latest, most in demand styles of wedding dresses available in 2016 and they are guaranteed to be shipping fast, cheap and quality assured.

  You have a strong brand, an updated, fresh website and clear targeted social media campaign

  You have virtual staff that did all of your online content, bookkeeping and data management for you at a cost of less than $5 per hour (yes this is not a typo!)

  How much more money do you think your business could earn if all these things were in place?

  A Helluva LOT!!!!

  We will put you in front of the very best China wedding dress designers, photography supplies, printing supplies, sewing factories, accessories factories and everything related to WEDDINGS at the 2016 Wedding Expo in Shanghai.

  Not only will you attend the fair with the most experienced importing support team, but you will have experienced negotiators to do your stock bidding for you. This alone will save you thousands from your bottom line.

  Did you ever hear the saying “proximity is power?” well that saying is perfect to describe negotiating power. Being there in person in the factories goes a LONG way to helping you secure a rock bottom wholesale price for your product.

  We negotiate with the tough Chinese businessmen day in and day out. We know all the customs and appropriate ways to keep on their good side, whilst getting the very rock bottom prices possible. We will teach you how to do this, plus much more more.

  Plus the whole trip is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a business expense.*

  What are you waiting for? Take you business to the next level in 2016. Skyrocket your profits, increase your brand awareness and knockout your competiton.

  Make it look good though!!!

“Remember that sometimes not getting
what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

- Dalai Lama

What if I told you your 'Dream Business' is much closer than you think?

Just imagine if you had the power to:

  • checkGet your wholesale products up to 50%-60% cheaper at the same or better quality as you have now?
  • checkIncrease your profit exponentially
  • checkHave tomorrow products at yesterday prices?
  • checkCreate a practical plan to accomplish your goals faster
  • checkFinally realise your true business potential
  • checkReduce the number of hours you work in he business whilst increasing your profits
  • checkBe able to employ more stuff so yu can work "on" the business and not "in" it
  • checkGet back your passion for your business

What if I told you all of this was possible for you. Would you go for it?

Wedding Expo Tour

23rd - 28th Feb 2016


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to bring back products from China with me?

A: Yes, you will most likely be able to bring back samples from your trip to China. Plus we can show you how to get on “sample” lists with suppliers so you will be first to AUTOMATICALLY receive samples of all the latest products.

Q: Will there be an up-sell on the tours?

A: Nope, we are here to help you achieves business growth and expansion by cutting your cost, incresing your product lines (if necessary) improving your website, increasing your social media presence and improving your mindset.

Q: What is different about the Canton Fair tour 2016?

A: This is real, hands on training with real factories, real suppliers and real success. It’s practical teaching in real life settings.

Q: How big is the Wedding Expo

A: It is China's largest wedding specific expo. It is over 90,000 square metres of spaces and over 620 exhibitors.

Book Now – Secure Your Tickets Today & Receive
you're Canton Fair 2016 workbook and "Secrets to Winning negotiations with Chinese Suppliers"

Regular Attendee

Valued at $7,7997


General Admission to the Wedding Expo for all 4 days

A dedicated Australian host for the dull 4 days of the fair

A local translator

Lessons in Chinese negotiations and customs

1 x Dinner with Cameron Mitchell

All transportation in china

Hotel discounts

VIP Attendee

Valued at $10,997


General Admission to the Wedding Expo for all 4 days

A dedicated Australian host for the dull 4 days of the fair

A local translator

Lessons in Chinese negotiations and customs

3 x Dinner with Cameron Mitchell

All transportation in china

Hotel discounts

Tours of hand picked, specialised Factories after the fair for 2 days

Negotiate and organise supply shipments RIGHT THREE with our dedicated team right next to you for support.

Wedding Expo Tour

23rd - 28th Feb 2016



This is true for most of our attendees, but we are not accountants and are not giving tax advice, this may or may not be true for you depending on your indivitual circumstances. please see your own accountant.

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