April & October 2016

Guangzhou, China

HELP! Where Can I Learn From Trusted Import Experts…
Quality suppliers and Rub Shoulders With other Savvy Investors…

Discover 2016’s Hottest Investment Opportunities…
Learn NEW Import Strategies and Ideas…
Learn How To Safeguard Your shipment…

Plan Your Financial Goals for 2016…
Accelerate Your Results…
Overcome Sticking Points… Get Out Of Your Rut…
Guarantee Your Family’s Future… and Finally Achieve Financial Independence?

Dear Importer,

... This page is a 'shout out' to all the aspiring money-makers out there.

I'm calling on anyone who's ever dreamed of making it BIG in Chinese importing, but struggling to succeed...

To all the frustrated importers who have tried to import but unsuccessfully so far...

And most of all to anyone sick of working in a job they hate, who understands the importance of investing for your family's future (and maybe even an early retirement), but struggling to change their lives and in a rut...

For business owners who might already be importing but want to exponentially increase their profit margins.

If this sounds like you, then come join me and an Small group of investors, entrepreneurs and import experts at this year’s CANTON FAIR TOUR April 15th – May 5th, 2016in Ghanzou, China.

You will be exposed to NEW money-making ideas in Chinese importing...NEW shipment protection strategies... NEW investment instruments and vehicles... and be briefed on the HOTTEST importation opportunities for 2016.

All delivered from the mouths of our experienced team of experts...on the ground…direct factory access to on the highest quality suppliers in China that have been personally vetted by our staff.


Cameron currently lives in China and has a team of 20 staff full time at his offices there. He currently imports on a daily basis all over the world. He brings his current real world knowledge of importing to you in a comprehensive, fun and enlightening way in a unique face to face setting through our legendary China Import Tours. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in person, visit factories and learn the secrets to Chinese customs and negotiating tactics that will put you way above your competition.


Some import spruikers charge upwards of $50,000 for “premium memberships” to attend an event like this.

But the good news is we are making a limited number of discounted tickets available for those who are serious about importing and want to take their business to the next level.

This means you can attend the fair and have one- on-one personal mentorship and chaperoning to the quality factories after the fair all for the discounted rate of $10,997 − $5,997 per person - but only if you are quick! There are only a total of 8 spots available – once they’re gone, they’re gone!! A small number of attendees means there will be ample one-on-one time available for each participant plus the networking opportunities are more intimate. Great business partnerships have resulted from these types of small group tours previously.

The Hottest Import Opportunities for 2016 – Hot Off The Press From Leading Experts!

  As sure as the sun rises… 2016 will see NEW markets BOOM!… And previous high performers flat-line or bust!
  If you are serious about accelerating your wealth, you have to stay ahead of the curve.
  That’s why you simply must join us at our 1st Annual CANTON FAIR TOUR.
  Come and discover 2016’s hottest NEW investment opportunities… revamp your goals… map out your strategies.
  All in the luxurious surrounds of the Ghangou, China
  See what products our experts are putting their money into in 2016. And which markets they are pulling out of.
  Hear their best predictions. Steal and model their strategies. Ride their waves. Avoid the valleys
  I can’t think of a better way to prepare than hearing from and networking with leading import experts like these. Can you?


“Importing is all about who you know. If you know the right factories and suppliers from China that’s half your job done”
- Cam great wall

CANTON FAIR TOUR is The Top Learning EventFor Importers & Entrepreneurs In Australia and USA…


Canton Fair Tour

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We have our host personally meet you at the airport and we chauffer you back to your hotel. Depending on what time your flight arrives we either have a lunch or a dinner event planned that is both an introduction and a networking meeting to introduce you to your host(s) and the other attendees, we exchange ideas, backgrounds, experience levels and inspiration with each other.

Our host(s) will introduce you to China importation, give you an overview of what to expect from the following 4 days and cover the following topics:

An overview of the fair and how to talk to the vendors to get the best prices and information and get on their preferred lists for samples.

What products are the “hot items for 2016” and what items to avoid.

Powerful negotiation tactics

Chinese culture and how it will affect your business

Setting yourself up for success and how to make the most of this tour

Setting goals and outcomes for this tour and beyond

Feel control over your business and life instead of overwhelm

Identify what sort of products you are most suited to import

How to package your products and offers to sell more

Learn how to make sales and how to deal with rejection

You will also be given a welcome pack that will include lots of information and items you will need for the trip.

After this event which lasts a few hours, we chauffer you back to your hotel and you can retire and get a good nights sleep in preparation for the exciting day ahead.


You are picked up from your hotel by our host and we take you to the Canton Fair. We spend the day visiting the fair and all the thousands upon thousands of stallholders that are present. During this time our host will teach you which vendors are better than other and which products are better than others. There is so much to see so we will try to keep a good pace. This day is all about getting a feel for the fair and taking it in on a broader level, rather than actually negotiating anything.

Depending on the consensus of the group we either stop for lunch or keep going right through.

After the fair we retire to our hotels to absorb the day.


You are picked up from your hotel by our host and we take you to the Canton Fair. We spend the day visiting the fair but today is the time to start focusing on what products you might like to import. Of all the thousands of choices we saw yesterday, you might have more of an idea for today and you will start to gravitate towards those stalls. At this point, depending on the consensus of the group we can either stay as a group or break of into smaller groups to scout for preferred products.

After the fair we will have a group dinner to discuss the previous days and ideas of what everyone is thinking, what products caught your eye, feedback from our hosts and the group often gives great insight for each attendee on their ideas of products. This feedback is very important because it can help you decide whether your idea is a winner or a potential loser. This can save you lots of time and energy. We decide on a plan of attack for the next, final day at the fair. Sometimes everyone wants to spend the final day at the fair on their own or stay in a group. Either way we prepare to maximise the final day. Our hosts will answer any questions you have and reiterate pointers on how to negotiate prices.


You are picked up from your hotel by our host and we take you to the Canton Fair. We spend the day visiting the fair. This is the day where you can negotiate prices with stallholders if you have decided on the products you want to import. Our hosts and translators will be with you to help you with this process and make sure you don’t get ripped off.


Today is the business intensive day. We spend the day in the boardroom learning all the facets of Chinese importing success. We cover topics including the following:

Basic importing

Advanced importing

Selling retail on Ebay, Amazon or other kinds of online shops

Selling offline (wholesale or retail)

Create irresistible opt-ins + 'freemiums' your dream clients can't resist

Learn the most effective forms of paid traffic

Leverage social media to generate new leads and potential clients

Automate the management of all your social media without overwhelm

Learn how to use video to create strong relationships with your audience

Design a cohesive brand & message across all social media platform

How to hire professional virtual employees that can work for as little as $3 per hour

How to create a professional looking website with modern feature like parallax scrolling for as little as $100

How to create and build customer lists and how to nurture your list so you can sell to your list over and over.

Newsletters - are they worth it and how you can maximise them?

Video marketing and how it’s the latest craze that will increase your list

Wealth Consciousness and how your mental attitude can create success and wealth

We create together an actual step by step blueprint for you success and exactly the steps you need to take to ensure your importing success

Plus much much more…..


We say goodbye and you fly home with a concrete idea of what you want to import and a solid step by step plan of how to implement your ideas and grow your importing empire.

What Other Says About Cameron Mitchell

Cameron is a trustworthy guy

"I've been using Cameron's services for a couple of years now and find them to be excellent at sourcing and arranging imports from China to anywhere in the world. They have a great team in Shanghai and Cameron is a very trustworthy guy. They do a wide range of products But I mainly concentrate on glass imports. Give them a go and I'm sure you will be happy with their services"

- Ken from Alliance

The opportunities that have become available is amazing

"We have been doing work with Cameron for the last 18 months. To be honest, we were only really looking at sourcing products from China to sell on our online business. Since partnering up with Cam, the opportunities that have become available is amazing to say the least. It is backed up with the support of great friendly staff that work very hard and it feels like they have been doing this for a life time with the professionalism and their knowledge of products. If you are like us at the start and don’t have a lot of knowledge on importing then China Import Coaching is a great team to become a part of and the opportunities are huge. You can either source your own products to sell for yourself or you can start selling Cameron's recommended top selling products with all the support needed to help you get the sales, or both. There is lots of opportunities."

- Nick from Too Easy Distributors

What You Won’t Find At CANTON FAIR TOUR 2016

1) NOT dodgy deals make commission off any deals you do with any suppliers we introduce you too
we will chaperone you around the canton fair give our expert opioion on which suppliers we prefer or see value in, but we won't steer you one way or another. We will let you make up your own mind in the end we make no commission either way.We are just here to help facilitate your importing success, inspire you and teach you.

2) NOT untested theory
Our events are built on real-life RESULTS, not unproven theory or over-hyped claims. Few presenters are able to match the extraordinary track records and achievements of our experts.

3) NOT a get-rich-quick scheme
WEALTH ACCELERATOR SUMMIT 2016 is for serious, but realistic investors. All investing comes with risk and the strategies and insights you discover require real effort to implement and patience to see through.

WARNING: This Is NOT For Everyone!

If you already think you know all there is about importing… are a procrastinator who won’t take action… or are looking for an easy way to ‘get-rich-quick’… CANTON FAIR TOUR 2016 isn’t for you. On the other hand, if YOU are serious about achieving your goals and would like to:

  • Learn all there is to know about profitable importing from China whilst you are in China on the ground.
  • Gain practical knowledge first hand one-on-one of how to interact and negotiate with suppliers.
  • Learn and see with your own eyes how to navigate the sometimes tricky cultural differences.
  • Gain practical insights from leading in-the-trenches experts…
  • Stay abreast of market movements and trends…
  • Profit from creating personal relationships with leading quality factories and suppliers in China…
  • Bounce ideas off other expert advisors and peers…
  • Gain inspiration and motivation…
  • Network with other importers and have a great time…
  • Achieve wealth and financial freedom…
  • Work out your financial goals and plans for 2016…
  • And learn how to become a serious importer and change your life…
  • Then CANTON FAIR TOUR 2016 has been created just for YOU, regardless of your current knowledge or financial situation. Why not join us?


This Could Be A Defining Moment In Your Life

I’m not saying that coming to CANTON FAIR TOUR 2016 will make you rich.

I think you’re smart enough to realize claims like this are bogus.

But I think you’ll agree an opportunity to have personal mentorship and in person one-on-one training on how to profitably import from seasoned professionals will catapault your business to a new level of success.

And the information and strategies you learn can seriously improve your profit levels.

Can you see how your situation might improve five years from now if you seriously apply what you learn at our CANTON FAIR TOUR 2016 today?

If I am right, you will be jumping up and down and telling your mates about all the ideas and contacts you discovered at our event for years to come.

The choice is yours. Sit on your hands and do nothing now or join us in Shanghai in 2016 and listen to our elite line-up share their best strategies and predictions for 2016 importing excellence.

We want this tour to be intimate and highly actionable so it's important that we keep attendee numbers to a minium o everyone hets special attention and lots of one - on- one with with out instuctions. Therefore we are accepting inly 8 people.Hurry the place will go fast.

Hurry! Only 8 Tickets TOTAL Are available, Don’t Miss Out!

If you want to join us, then click on the reservation link below to claim your ticket. Go on, do it now because I don’t expect them to last.

Yours in Prosperity


PS. This is a live 5 days tour in China touring actual factories that import to Australia and USA. Learn how to Quality inspect, negotiate and understand the culture.