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BUT Look who is laughing now!

My name is Cameron Mitchell. Thats me standing in front of the Shanghai river. 10 years ago my company sent me over to China from Australia to consult for a Chinese company. I saw for myself just how cheap products in China were being manufactured. Something that you buy on the shelf in the USA or Australia for $50 was being made for $1-$2 in China. I realised I was missing a massive opportunity by working for someone else on a salary and not getting involved importing and exporting.

So I started my own sourcing company. I partnered with a local Chinese girl that spoke the language and understood the culture. She spent time finding the right factories, negotiating prices and logistics and paying them. I looked after my side: meeting and finding clients in my own country, getting payments from them, ensuring product quality and so on. I also set up my own EBay shop to sell some of the products that I found on my own.

Friends, family and acquaintances said it was impossible to work in China because of the language and cultural difficulties. They laughed at me for giving up a secure high paying job to follow my dream of working for myself and owning my own business. They did not count on my determination and resilience….I was going to succeed no-matter-what! The more someone said it couldn’t be done, the more determined I became to prove them wrong.

My first order was for scrapbooking products and we made $7,000 profit from one order and we got many repeat orders as well. Since then we have expanded into many diverse areas and even have our own manufacturing facility that builds kayaks, Pizza Ovens and all kinds of Steel Fabricating and we export them around the world.

I now have two offices in China and 20 staff and turnover more than $25,000,000 every year. My students also make great money from their Ebay sites and On-line shops.

My first partner was a surfing buddy of mine named Tony. He saw all the money I was making and the jet-set life I was living and asked me how I did it. I told him there was plenty of money to be made in importing and I had only scratched the surface so if he was willing to fly over to China I would teach him everything I knew. Tony did exactly that and had never looked back. He went from being a pergola salesman earning a basic wage to earning more money than his wife or any of his friends dreamed of. Tony now uses my office in China with the workers who are there like his own. The partnership model for my business was born. Since then I have put on other partners all around the world. Now I am looking for partners in the USA.

You can have your very own business either importing products for yourself to sell or have your own sourcing business finding products for clients. I actually recommend doing both.

why import

why import

Importing goods from overseas is beneficial because you can usually source products cheaper and sell them at a profit locally. This is mainly because the cost of labour and production overseas is significantly cheaper than locally.

why us

Cameron currently lives in China and has a team of 20 staff full time at his offices there. He currently imports on a daily basis all over the world. He brings his current real world knowledge of importing to you in a comprehensive, fun and enlightening way in a unique face to face setting through our legendary China Import Tours. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in person, visit factories and learn the secrets to Chinese customs and negotiating tactics that will put you way above your competition.

how can we help?

You will learn how to identify hot products that will sell quickly and for the most profit.

You will get training on all areas of importation including incoming custom charges, import
taxes, insurance, quarantine, permits, transportation and more.

You will get training on how to sell your products online

You will visit factories in China and learn how to inspect them.

You will visit factories in China and learn how to inspect them.

You will learn the Chinese customs and how to negotiate to get the best deals

Upcoming Events

Our mission at China Import Coaching is to host information, fun and finacially benificial tours to china for prople that are serious about making lasting business connections.

Canton Fair Tour
April & October 2016

Have you always wanted to go to the fair but you don’t know the inside secrets? We will show you them all.

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wealth Accelerator Tour
Shangai 2016 Dates tba

Spend 3 days with our team developing a roadmap for your importing business and overall financial prosperity.

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Wedding Expo Tour
Shangai 23rd – 26th February 2016

Spend 4 exciting days immersed in all things “wedding related” and find and develop relationships in person with quality suppliers in china that will propel your wedding business to the next-level.

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Are you interested in learning how to successfully import from China but don't know where to start? Our friendly team will help you from start to finish or take your existing business to the next level.




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